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Temet Company Profile

Temet is a privately held company established in 1953 in Finland, Temet is the global leader in blast protection and special ventilation technology applied in protective constructions such as civilian shelters and hardened military facilities. Temet’s technology is also successfully utilized in solving demanding protection problems in industrial and mobile collective protection applications.

Blast Door

HPO, HFO, SO Fire and Blast Doors are designed for protection of access ways against the effects of vapor and dust cloud explosions and fire. The HPO, HFO, SO Doors are applied in shielding of industrial facilities, such as O&G platforms and refineries or related buildings against destructive blast forces and fire.


  • Supplier of Blast Doors is Temet Oy, Helsinki Finland.
  • The advanced sandwich structure of Temet Fire and Blast Door withstands vapor cloud explosions up to 18 bar peak reflected over pressure.
  • Fire resistance of HPO, HFO, SO Door is fire tested and approved as EI2 45 and E 60 according the new European standard EN 1634-1.
  • The Fire and Blast Door is equipped with user friendly handle which operates a dedicated latching system closing the door to the frame from all sides, at the same time preventing latch breaks due to misuse.
  • The door makes high security access points simple to build, saving both space and money.

HPO, HFO, SO Door accessories

The HPO, HFO, SO Doors are equipped with the following standard equipment, but can also be supplied with optional accessories according customer specification:

Standard equipment:

  • Door leaves made of galvanized or zinc-coated steel plate.
  • Screw-fastening frame with cover lists, made of galvanized steel.
  • Surface treatment; primed. Several colour options available
  • Lift-up steel hinges
  • Fittings for lock cylinder
  • Reinforcements for door closer and puller
  • Cover caps for fastening holes
  • Panic bar or handle inside and handle on outside

Optional accessories:

  • Kick plates
  • Different types of door closers
  • Various types of surface finishing
  • Door seals for weather-proofing

Test Reports

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland test reports for both blast and fire testing are available upon request.

HPO, HFO, SO Door dimensions

The door is manufactured in stock sizes of 900 x 2000 mm and 1200 x 2000 mm (approx. 3 x 6.5 ft and 4 x 6.5 ft) of free door opening and is also available tailored to customer’s specifications.