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Temet Company Profile

 Temet is a privately held company established in 1953 in Finland, Temet is the global leader in blast protection and special ventilation technology applied in protective constructions such as civilian shelters and hardened military facilities. Temet’s technology is also successfully utilized in solving demanding protection problems in industrial and mobile collective protection applications.

NBC Filter

The Temet NBC-filter is used in NBC protected Civil Defence and military shelters for filtration of Nuclear Fallout and Biological and Chemical Warfare agents with maximum efficiency.


  • The ES-1250 NBC-filter is designed to optimize the use of floor space in the HVAC plant room by providing maximum filtrated air amount with minimum use of floor space.
  • The ES-series NBC -filtration units can be integrated into building management systems or shelter control systems such as Temet TASCS (Temet Advanced Shelter Control System).
  • The ES-150 NBC-filter comprises a high efficiency particulate aerosol (HEPA) filter and a gas adsorption filter enclosed in a steel container and providing a two stage filtration of the intake air, aerosol and particle filtration first followed by gas filtration.
  • ESL-Series NBC-filters connected to special NBC-ducting made of heavy gage welded tube, shock protected shelter booster blower, gastight closing valves for operational control of the emergency filtration modes, pre-filter for filtration of coarse particles from the intake air and pre-heater for heating the intake air to decrease its relative humidity for extending the service life time of the NBC-filters.



ES-150 NBC-filter

ESL-series NBC-filtration units

ES-series NBC-filtration units